The company strongly endorses its team as its first priority and that explains why most team members at Propay Partners have journeyed together with the firm for more than a decade."
Manish Mehta
Business Director of Propay Partners


To be the trusted partner of HR & payroll outsourcing decision makers, by improving HR services delivery through smarter processes and more efficient technologies.


Propay Partners aspires to be the partner of choice for global organizations and domestic conglomerates in Malaysia by 2021.



When dealing with colleagues, clients, and partners, we keep an open mind and listen with intent. We are committed to reach our full potential, innovate and move forward.


We treat our colleagues, clients, and partners with dignity, respecting that each of us is an important part of the business. We value everyone’s skills, allow their voices to be heard, and honor promises we make.


We deal with data which is the holy grail of our business and we have to be whiter than white. A culture of ethics, governance, and doing only the right things, binds us together.


We are committed to delivering on our promises, made to our colleagues, clients and partners, even if it means we need to step out of our comfort zone.


Our inclusive culture fosters stronger bond with our colleagues through respect, trust, confidence and sharing of knowledge. We come to work knowing that there is always someone there for us.
Our Team Members
Manish Mehta
Co-Founder and Business Director of Propay Partners
With over 20 years of experience in the BPO industry, Manish is a well-established HR outsourcing expert within ASEAN region. Manish holds a degree from National University of Malaysia with a specialisation in Business Administration.

Before setting up Propay Partners, Manish was the Project Lead at HSBC Bank where he led the banking operations centralisation project. This project brought about improved and consolidated services, resulting in significant savings to the organisation.
    In 2001, Manish decided to venture on his own and co-founded Propay Partners with his trusted associate, Raj Kumar Paramanathan.
    At Propay Partners, Manish heads the design, compliance and HR outsourcing solutions wing. He also prioritises delivery model outsourcing and management of regional client accounts under a unified platform.

    Manish is a frequent contributor for New Straits Times, SME Magazine, The Edge and others. He has also spoken at seminars organised by the ASEAN Strategic Leadership Institute, Marcus Events and was also interviewed by Business FM radio station.

    Passionate, energetic and soft-spoken, Manish is well-loved by colleagues within and outside the company for his highly systematic and process-driven work. Under his leadership, Propay Partners has grown in leaps and bounds and continues to expand in the ASEAN region.

Raj Kumar Paramanathan
Co-Founder of Propay Partners
He is a close associate of the company and plays an advisory role while focusing on the growth of other businesses jointly owned with Manish Mehta. Raj has over 20 years of experience in HR consulting and outsourcing. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from National University of Malaysia with a specialisation in Statistics. Raj also holds a Masters Degree in Quality and Productivity Improvement.

As key advisor at Propay Partners, he is committed to the company's mission to nurture a global, multi-disciplinary community of emerging and established HR leaders. He also guides and promotes best practices in leadership across national and cultural boundaries.
    Raj who had previously worked at Siemens, led several significant special assignments across Siemens Group of Companies in Malaysia, besides being involved in project management of power plant construction. He left a legacy that encompassed successful new regional Shared Services for Siemens in Malaysia that supported several key global locations. 

    A regular at many events, Raj has been the key speaker at CPA Professional Seminar, ASLI HR Conference and Marcus Evans HR Forum, apart from actively participating in HR roundtables and forums in ASEAN. 

    A trouble-shooter, Raj is well known for his honest, frank and easy-going disposition. His steadfast commitment to strengthen diversity at the workplace is commendable. 
Yvonne Liew
Head of Business Operations
Yvonne Liew is the Regional Head of Operations at Propay Partners, she is one of the earliest members to join the company during its formation in 2001.

She has over 25 years of experience in HR outsourcing operations including payroll, employee mobility and tax management across ASEAN. She has acquired a professional qualification in Business Studies. 
    Her innate ability at identifying and meeting client requirements has helped her build successful tools and best practices across multiple industries and countries. From being familiar with the most archaic version of payroll software to the latest Cloud versions, Yvonne is one of the company's seasoned experts in managed HR services. Her exposure to various trends along with her acute analytical skills have paid off during her decade-long service with the company. 

    Yvonne Liew is driven to engage the Operation team with high standards of service quality and time management. She is a strong believer of a happy and stable workplace that appreciates, helps and builds strong, professional relationships. Yvonne, like the rest of us, reaffirms the one main factor that has helped her stay motivated over the years is the company culture.  
    As specialists in the compliance domain, we fix every stumbling block without having to bother the client, thereby offering them a complete and satisfying experience.
    As ASEAN heads towards phenomenal growth, we see a rush of companies from the West & MENA gearing to set up operations here. ASEAN's communities, culture, laws, pay structure, workforce and HR management can be new ground for many of these companies.

    Our team is supported by a full complement of legal and tax advisors, HR experts and relationship managers, who take care to listen, support and provide for the client and their employees at all times.

    At Propay Partners, we promise to walk you through seamless HR management, offering you complete peace of mind.
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    Propay Partners is an activpayroll global partner, extending services to clients in ASEAN.

    activpayroll is a leading global professional service organization, providing integrated global and domestic payroll solutions; expatriate taxation services and online HR people management tools to over 1,000 companies in more than 120 countries worldwide. activpayroll provides integration of external solutions including ERPs, HRIS applications, Time and Attendance solutions, Expense applications and Finance systems. They are certified global partner with Workday, Oracle, SuccessFactors, SAP, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

    Through our partnership, we have successfully extended payroll solutions to clients operating in ASEAN.

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