What is a Professional Employer Organization or PEO? Simply put, it’s Workforce on the Move.

PEO has taken on a whole new meaning as more businesses have gone borderless. Employees today are commonly required to take assignments in locations outside their home country. As a business owner, there are times when financially things might be unpredictable. Your day-to-day efforts would be to fine-tune your core business and mostly likely your HR might be spending more resources in research or outsourcing. 

A PEO will take the majority of human resources responsibilities off your hands which creates improved functions and operational efficiency.

When you engage a Professional Employer Organization, you will be free from much of the paper pushing, offering you solutions in:

  1. Providing professional HR advice. The individuals that are employed by a PEO are human resource specialists who know the ins and outs of people management. When you enter into a relationship with a PEO, these HR specialists become part of your team. They are at your disposal should you need help with any pressing HR complications that arise at your workplace.
  2. Offering comprehensive and affordable employee benefits. Small businesses seldom have access to benefit options that larger businesses do, this relates to both health, medical and retirement services. Smaller companies have less leverage when it comes to negotiating and coordinating health care premiums and rates with benefit providers. As a PEO client, your employees could have access to benefits you would never have access to.
  3. Attracting top talent. Quality candidates have the ability to be choosy and hence scout for companies that will offer them the most for their time and service. Most of those candidates value the benefits packages as much as the potential salary. The employment benefits that your company provides as a PEO client adds a silver lining to any job opening within your company.
  4. Keeping an eye on the government. Statutory & compliance regulations are always changing. In order to stay out of trouble with the law you need to always stay informed on what regulations apply to your business and what steps you need to take to stay compliant. A Professional Employer Organization will look out for your business and make sure it’s in line at all times.
  5. Ability and freedom to focus on the business of doing business. The market is fierce and your competitors are likely to be always one step ahead of you. In order to succeed, you need to be able to focus on your business— your products and services. By using a PEO to handle the administrative side of handling the workforce, you can dedicate more of your time and resources to the heart of your business.

At Propay Partners, our PEO solutions are used by companies for dedicated project management roles which enables improved service performance and increased client flexibility.

Once the client confirms an external assignment, we step in to handle all documentation requirements. At our associate offices, we handle all processes in the local language, giving us the advantage of understanding key government requirements. This helps us kip irrelevant paperwork and focus only on compulsory filings for international employees.

As the legal employer of the project workforce, we manage the necessary hiring needs and on boarding of the team apart from the monthly compensation, benefits and statutory requirements, leaving you more time to focus on your core business.

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