It is a known fact that every company views HR as being in the best positioned to deal with payroll because of the fact that most of the payroll data come from activities undertaken by this department. This includes deductions, benefits, unpaid leave, promotions, terminations, recruitment, and such like. HR primarily deals with matters concerning employees.

With technology at our finger tips these days, it is interesting to note that many companies are still carrying out their payroll in-house and even worse, doing it manually.

One such company is a Client of ours. The Client, a leading global food solutions company based in Europe was managing their payroll manually with mishmash record-keeping. Their payroll processes continued on Excel sheets for several years until a new regional HR Director assumed office to notice its dismal state of affairs.

Our high touch payroll and compliance services enabled us to meet the client’s demands. Today, our client runs on a better managed payroll and extensive HRIS system that gives all their talents access to their data, pay, leaves and claims. Besides being compliant on all fronts, talents now get paid on time without fears of any miscalculation or discrepancies.

Since forever, HR has always played a rather complexed role in organisations but their primary responsibility is what's known as "human capital management". There is a side of HR which can be rather bothersome and cumbersome. Despite this unexciting process, payroll is must in the HR territory to keep employees employed and happy.

While there are many reasons to outsource your HR functions the main one would be to re-direct the focal point of your HR into recruitment and training. Persisting with heavily manual HR processes has implications right across the business. Frustrating and time-consuming for HR, it also introduces risks, with staff likely to become annoyed by hold-ups in certain processes.

Central automation of these processes can immediately lift the burden off your HR team which in turn will produce a better working environment. However the most pivotal outcome for processes automation would be a much needed breathing space for your HR team which in turn would allow them to improve your business performance.

Whether you are a small-sized or medium-sized organization that is looking to save extra bucks or want to add new functions to the business, outsourcing your payroll services can turn out to be highly advantageous.

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