This year, Propay Partners marks its 20th year in the business of payroll and employee mobility solutions. When we started on 14 April 2001, payroll outsourcing was an uncommon service and companies had hardly heard of it. Convincing clients to streamline their payroll operations wasn’t the biggest challenge, becoming a reliable partner was. Back when Raj and I, as co-founders, pulled through long days and long nights at our tiny office, faith was the only thing that kept our aspirations alive. 

Fast-forward to this year, we are fortunate and blessed to have built Propay Partners into a next-generation HR solutions enterprise, one that is centered on customer experience and designed for tomorrow’s digital workforce. Over the years, we’ve taken giant strides in SaaS model adoptions for our products and enabled users to have multi-device access to our integrated HR dashboards. 

Over the years, our office space also grew with the team, and together, we transformed our company into the one of the most sought-after payroll outsourcing partners for global MNCs in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Today, we are proud to serve some of the leading global brands that have a strong presence in ASEAN.

To our Team
We’re a People company that takes care of people at all organisations. Even in our quest to enhance experiences for clients, we’ve not gone back on promises with our own team. As partners, our team has shouldered the strain and success of the long journey, putting forth their best foot forward every single day. On turning 20, we dedicate this success to all our team members and their families for showing us their continuous love and support. 

To our Clients
When we began in our first year, we serviced 2 clients and around 100 payslips a month. Today, we have an enviable league of over 100 multinationals and churn out over 10,000 payslips a month! We owe this milestone to your faith and partnership. If not for your trust in us, we wouldn’t have had the courage to explore avenues and bridge our goals and achievements! Thank you for your patronage and unwavering faith in us!

To our Partners
As our associates in the industry, we owe it to you for elevating our commitment to quality and best practices in payroll outsourcing. We are tremendously grateful for your co-operation in helping us nurture a culture that is inclusive, cutting-edge and knowledge-focussed. Throughout the years, our brand has won considerable appreciation thanks to your presence and collaboration. 

Looking Ahead
The twenties are when you spread your wings and face the world head-on. There are many challenges of course, but it’s a time when being at the cusp of disruption is not fearsome. As we steer positively ahead, we look to walk with our team, clients and partners for better days. We seek to build an innovative culture that is strongly client-facing in its approach and highly transparent in its delivery. 

On this occasion, I’d like to remember every single person who has contributed to our growth and success. 

I sincerely thank everyone for being a part of our journey.

Manish Mehta
Co-founder & Business Director,
Propay Partners

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