What are Payroll Services?
Payroll services are offered by payroll outsourcing companies to manage your payroll processing and ensuring all your employees are paid accurately on time. They also ensure that your company is compliant with local regulations. Your payroll services provider should be able to cater to your company’s payroll specifications.

What should Payroll Services include?
Payroll services should allow you to pay your team swiftly, easily and in compliance with the country’s law. Payroll companies should provide a variety of payroll services related to your business's payroll needs.

How frequent can Payroll be processed?
Most payroll service providers have several options when it comes to the frequency of payroll processing. Ensure you check what your payroll service has to offer to be certain they offer the frequency you need.

Who is responsible for Payroll errors?
When you choose a payroll service, make sure you look into who will be responsible for any potential errors that can cost your business lots of money if you are held responsible. Your payroll services provider should take responsibility for any potential errors in the payroll process. Make sure to ask the provider if they offer tax penalty protection. If you are going to be liable for error, you should look into whether or not the software has a tool that helps you detect any errors before submitting payroll.

At Propay Partners, we use SaaS enabled payroll software to cater to a plethora of HCM solutions like time attendance, e-HR on Cloud, employee profile viewing, leaves, tax filing, work hours and even profile sharing during inter-company transfer. Our payroll software experts make sure that no stone is left unturned in your HR and payroll needs, allowing you to take your mind off compliance and focus on your core business needs.

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