As more and more companies are expanding worldwide, Employee Mobility is turning out to be a pressing need. However, moving employees around the world isn’t easy. Out-dated technology just complicates matters for your HR team.

The challenges of traversing continents to arrive at a host country with different employment laws and tax regulation can be a nightmare. That’s why partnering with the right outsourcing company can speed up your processes, create savings, and make the relocation easier.

According to SIRVA’s report titled ‘Talent Mobility for Business Growth’, more than 55% of participants indicated the mobility function had undergone a transformation in the past three years, with more than 81% acknowledging the transformation had an impact on how it operates within the organisation.

The report also revealed that while the bulk of the participants (62%) saw the purpose of mobility as a mix of operational/administrative support, 28% indicated a need for mobility to focus solely on business advisory. The report added that with the current perception of mobility as focused on business partnering at 16%, there is an opportunity to better align. The survey revealed that organisational growth (38%) and talent development (22%) were ranked as the highest priority of the participants’ overall corporate culture, and talent development/employee relocation rated “very important to the organisation’s overall success of business and talent strategy”.

That said, career/work experience outside of an employee’s home/origin location didn’t seem too important for career advancement, with only 44% agreeing that career/work experience outside of an employee’s home/origin location was a key requirement for career advancement 

With various changes expected in the future, this edition focuses on some of the most important mobility trends for the year ahead, as predicted by top HR & Mobility analysts across the ASEAN.

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