Achieving global employment compliance for any organisation with international interests, can be extremely challenging!

An experienced global mobility company, should provide structure, efficiency, consistency and ultimately compliance in respect of any cross-border employee mobilisations. Mitigating risks and broadening due diligence in tax computation is a priority if organisations want to stay top on the compliance agenda. Missed deadlines and penalties can be a huge dent to reputation as well as workforce management.

At Propay Partners we offer a plethora of services to ensure our solutions help you achieve talent placements by adhering to your corporate mobility policy and terms of contract:

1. Employment Permit Checks - Our employment mobility services will help you get periodical financial reports on your talent’s remuneration and benefits structure, an overview of their employment contract and their annual payroll report. You can also benefit from bespoke solutions for all your talents throughout their lifecycle at the company.

2. Contractor Invoicing - Pay & Bill - We help you manage your invoices and payments to local contractors by running identification and licence verification of contractors prior to making payments. Our audit processes help us mitigate the risks associated with deemed employment and large international workforce. It also screens unregulated billing and disproportionate payments that are unlawful and lead to cancellation of pacts.

3. Local Talent Pool - We pride ourselves in helping multinationals gain access to wider talent pools and reliable manpower contractors in Malaysia. Through us, you can be confident of collaborating with certified contract staffing solutions firms whose payroll and compliance requirements will be managed end-to-end by our consultants. 

4. Tax Advisory - Our dedicated tax consultants make sure your employees’ tax filings are done on time and in accordance to Inland Revenue Board (IRB) requirements. We manage the employee tax computation, tax breaks and file income tax returns. 

As your local partner compliant in global standards, we are a sure shot way of protecting your business at all times. 

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