One of the key questions of the cost-cutting battle today is how do we enable cost-cutting techniques to work for us?

The right outsourcing partner will guide you through the twists and turns of modern-day employee engagement. If you’re a novice, outsourcing firms can draw up a bespoke plan so that your HR can scale within the cost parameters that you choose to set. 

At Propay Partners, each month, we process a large number of paychecks for multinationals across Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand
Our e-HR system offers comprehensive ‘on-the go’ payroll services that are supported on smartphones, desktops and tablets. 

Our modular payroll outsourcing service is tailored-made to suit volume and pay cycle followed by recognised global brands. While payslips are auto-generated, clients can get access to guided financial reporting every month. We use payroll software that offers great mobility and optimisation of HR data with easy-to-use features and round-the-clock options.

Our Human Resources Management System (HRMS) covers Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Mobile Attendance Clocking, HRMS Mobile Apps, Employee Self Service/Manager Self Service, e-Expense Claim, e-Overtime, e-Attendance, e-Leave and e-Payroll.

The best thing about its payroll accounting tools is that it gives you full statutory compliance, consolidated group payroll reports, optional GL integration along with multi-currency payroll through e-banking.

Clients can get access to a plethora of cloud-based HR services by enabling apps on their smartphones or through their profile pages on desktops.

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