A Payroll professional is defined as the person assigned to any tasks necessary to organize the compensation of employees for the hours that have been worked. This may include keeping totals for hours worked by employees, rates of pay, statutory contributions and managing payments to employees. 

So what does the day of a Professional Outsourcing Payroll team entail? 

Typically the Payroll team will always at all times work closely with the HR department to process the company’s payroll. Each pay cycle comes with a unique set of challenges, but a Payroll Professional is never afraid to jump in with both feet. 

A typical day starts with the checking of emails to ascertain if there is anything urgent that needs to be prioritized. While going through the emails, the Payroll team will constantly add to the “pending log,” which is a spreadsheet that is used to keep track of any important changes pertaining to the upcoming pay cycle. 

At Propay Partners we practise the “ 6 i” (3 pair of eyes) verification system to ensure we achieve our accuracy threshold of 99.5% 

Once is it time to process payroll, our Payroll team likes to get a head start on this because you never know what issues might come up (or how long they’ll take to resolve). When it comes to final checks, hours worked, allowances, statutory contribution and salary due must be calculated for each individual. Every payroll process is a little different depending on what factors need to be taken into account that week. 

After making sure they have everything they need, the Team then does a three layer scan (6i) to make sure that everyone seems to have entered all of their hours. Once this is done, the Payroll Team Manager makes sure everything is in good shape and all reported hours are approved and then locked into the timesheets for processing. At this stage, they will run the payroll making sure that all changes is recorded, like an employee recently leaving or being promoted. 

While this seems like your simple run of the mill processes, Payroll processing is not without challenges. 

  • Constant deadlines with Payroll as you have differing pay frequencies - for example: weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annually. The role can therefore be very demanding, which is why it's so important to prioritise your workload and be as organised and efficient as possible. 
  • The end of the month in Payroll is generally the busiest time of the month, as that's when the majority of people get paid. This can make working in a Payroll bureau environment challenging, 
And as it seems the challenges can be quite overwhelming, the get backs are definitely rewarding. While many people out there don't really know much (if anything) about Payroll, everyone does however want to get paid correctly and on time, so it is really rewarding to provide such a vital service to Clients every month. 

As quoted by one of our Payroll team members “Every day brings a new challenge and opportunity to learn. I love getting to know people on the team. I love learning more about our Clients when they reach out for assistance”. 

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