• What are the cost components to consider when outsourcing?
    The investment consists of a set-up fee and a monthly service fee. The set-up fee is the cost for consulting, data migration, customization and test runs. The set-up fee is computed based on the number of man days required for implementation of the outsourcing project
    The monthly payroll fee is dependent on the range of services selected, number of employees, pay frequency and customized transactions. The cost may vary from a minimum flat fee for a small sized company to a per employee per month fee for larger headcounts.
  • How long does it take to get the payroll outsourcing project up and running?
    The duration varies from project to project, depending on the scope of required services. Implementation takes place and the first live run payroll occurs in 1 to 6 months including one month of parallel run, depending on size and complexity of your payroll and other required services. The payroll outsourcing implementation timeline plan is discussed and agreed at the project kick-off stage to keep both parties aware and committed on resource management.
  • Why should I outsource my payroll?
    Some of the more recent and key reasons why businesses outsource their payroll include:
    Investment in systems, skill & people is reduced over a period of time as we take over the responsibilities. 

    All payroll details are held confidentially away from your main business premises, meaning sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands.

    Removes the risk of your employees not being paid due to unexpected sickness absence/immediate dismissal of key payroll staff, when knowledge of payroll handling is walking out of the door.

    We invest heavily in technology and infrastructure to protect our customers’ data. This includes robust encryption, back up and disaster recovery policies.
  • How does the outsource payroll service work?
    Once you have signed us up, and the set-up is completed with a successful pilot run, we will take over the responsibility to run your payroll, with our promise – We Deliver, Peace of Mind.
    We will take over the rigid process of entering your periodic details, updating amendments to employee details, calculating the correct amount of conditioning payments and any other statutory deductions or additional pay elements (e.g. bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, public holiday entitlements, etc.) for each payroll period.

    As part of our payment custodial services, we provide the peace of mind in salary payments. This means, all that you have to do is to deposit the entire salary funds in our Trust Bank Account and we will ensure that your employees receive their salary on time in their respective nominated Bank.
  • How do I know if my Payroll will be processed accurately?
    We practice the ’6i principle’ as part of our internal control procedure. The ’6i Principle’ comprises of three stages of checking procedures by different team members through an escalation process, to ensure that your payroll is not only processed accurately but to identify any significant or abnormal changes in your payroll.
    Consultants at Propay Partners are well trained with deep knowledge of statutory and tax obligations, updated through systems, memos from government agencies and our own research. Each of our Payroll Consultants has complete knowledge of the manual calculation on every single statutory deduction. They perform manual checks on monthly payroll results to ensure the calculations are correct. Their expertise and experience ensures your payroll is in the best possible hands.
  • Will I still be in control of my Payroll?
    Absolutely. You will have the monthly payroll and statutory reports, either delivered to you or you will have the alternative to have 24-hour access through the online portal, to avail yourself with the latest required information.
    Before we finalise the salary payments, we require confirmation from your authorised representative to verify and authenticate the payroll data, updated data either due to promotion, adjustments, resignations or other changes. We will only accept changes to Payroll data from your authorised representative.

    Therefore, you will always be in control of your payroll!
  • What about Confidentiality?
    ou are assured of total confidentiality through the process of deliveries. We offer personalised service by providing you with one regular contact with an escalated contact, when necessary. All payroll related information will only be directed through your designated authorised payroll representative. Our Payroll Consultants and Managers are duly bonded by the Non Disclosure Agreement, which is issued at the point of joining Propay Partners.
  • Is your online payroll service secure?
    The security of our services and systems were driven by international clients who demand the best in confidentiality and security.
    Our Payroll service ensures tight security through the following measures:

    • Login and password are required to access the system. 
    • Firewalls and intrusion-detection system are added for utmost security. Data is encrypted while transmitted over the Internet. Data is stored on Clustered servers, which creates a highly redundant and available application. All data is backed up every hour, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. 
    • Robust encryption, back up and disaster recovery policies. 
    • Communication between your browser and our solution is encrypted using premium SSL encryption. 
    • Our servers are located in “state of the art” data centres that are client-approved. These data centres provide redundant power and cooling systems as well as redundant Internet connectivity. The facility is secured using the latest Biometric systems.
  • Is there any limit to the number of employees on the payroll?
    There is no specific limit on the number of employees that we can process payroll. We will review each client complexity and service delivery requirements, as we do not compromise on quality of service and delivery.
  • What do I do if I need advice on tax or other statutory payments affecting payroll?
    Just call us and your dedicated Payroll Consultant will advise you based on our decade of experience in these subjects. Should our Consultants not have the solution to a complex query, we will go the extra length to seek valuable inputs from external experts.
  • Why choose Propay Partners and not others?
    Our stable of clients are a testimony to our success. With a decade of experience and under the same management team, there is little worry of internal changes that might disrupt your service. The success of an outsourcing firm also depends on the number of clients with extended service contracts. Most of our clients have extended the service contracts, and have expanded the scope of deliveries due to global organizational changes and requirements. Through these changes, we have proven to be versatile, flexible and adaptable.
    We will be pleased to share references from clients or client contacts that could be referees during your evaluation process.
  • Do you provide other services other than Payroll?
    Our core competencies and specialities are in payroll. In line with the dynamic needs of our client and our system capabilities, we do provide additional HR related services and system support. You can view the range of services offered in Payroll Services and Employee Mobility Solutions.
    We are not Accountants or HR system providers who just offer payroll processing as an add-on service. We focus in providing payroll and HR solutions expertise and services.
  • What if I want to use employee self service (ESS) portal and other online HR services?
    Propay Partners offers a full range of ESS and other online HR portal services. This includes:
    • e-Payroll, 
    • e-HRIS, 
    • e-Leave, 
    • e-Time Attendance, 
    • e-Expense Claim, 
    • Employee Self Service (ESS) 

    You will have access to these services based on a monthly subscription that frees you of a hefty one-time investment and continuous maintenance fees.
  • What if our environment is not ready for online/web-based solutions, what should I do?
    Propay Partners provides both traditional & web-based solutions payroll services, based on client’s requirements. The traditional payroll provides a complete managed services, the only difference is that you will not have access to your HR/payroll data on an online platform; instead you are sent the HR/payroll reports via email or hard copy. We understand that all businesses are different; therefore we tailor our payroll services to meet your needs.
  • Can I switch payroll providers at the middle of contract?
    As long as you have your payroll history records, you can switch at any time and we will assist you through the process without affecting statutory reporting.
  • Am I required to sign a long-term service contract?
    In order for you to derive the full benefits of outsourcing, the standard initial contract term is two years. Upon expiry of contract, we will assist you to transfer the HR and payroll data in the format required by your HR/payroll system with minimum disruption.
  • How much of a change will this mean for my operations?
    Propay Partners believes you shouldn’t have to change your way of doing business. We’ll work around the processes you prefer, whether you use spreadsheets or online data entry. Our system is built to accommodate your needs and give you total control, 24/7.
  • What do I need to get started?
    Call us at +603 7665 6688 or email at for a better understanding of our services.
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