The client, a leading global food solutions company based in Europe with a vast consumer footprint across Asia, Africa, Middle East and Oceania, was looking for an upheaval in its payroll system which was no match for its brand recognition. Managed manually with mishmash record-keeping, the company’s payroll processes continued on Excel sheets for several years until a new regional HR Director assumed office to notice its dismal state of affairs.

Payroll for the company was singularly computed by the HR department overlooking compliance risks, tabulation errors and incorrect employee benefit computations. The new regional HR Director was looking for a more sophisticated, agile and responsive payroll system that would be an absolute match to handle its talented employees many of whom are experts in the food industry. 

Propay Partners became an obvious choice as the regional HR Director was aware of the services we provided through her stint at her former company. Her personal experience of our work, credibility and the professional services we offered led her to engage us in collaboration. When Propay Partners took over the client’s payroll department in late 2019, we found that the company lacked credible tools and software that usually powered high-tech payroll in global ventures.

The absence of an integrated e-HR cloud-backed system along with lack of capabilities and resources in payroll management was glaring. While resources were ear-marked for managing key stake holders, there was no highlight on statutory compliance needs that affected their own employees.

For a start, we had to thoroughly audit the payroll and compliance data to ascertain that the data was above-board before migrating the data on to the Propay Partners’ payroll system. As the client wanted us to streamline payroll immediately (in a month to be exact), we had to rev up operations from our standard operating procedure of 3 months.

To meet their urgent timeline, we assigned some of our senior payroll analysts on this project who invested critical time and attention to the client’s needs. While we managed to bring out their payroll live and on time, the client also demanded that we run their tax returns for the previous years. While Propay Partners only undertakes tax filing for the existing financial year, this request made out of the client’s dire circumstance compelled us to file their returns. Tax returns were filed and submitted before the due date. 

Our high touch payroll and compliance services have enabled us to meet the client’s demands, rain or shine. Today, our client runs on a better managed payroll and extensive HRIS system that gives all their talents access to their data, pay, leaves and claims. Besides being compliant on all fronts, talents now get paid on time without fears of any miscalculation or discrepancies. Our cloud solutions ensure that talents can manage their own affairs through our digital and automated systems. 

Today, the client highly appreciates our functional reporting, payments services and statutory advisory solutions. Our client services departments have by far been the most satisfactory they say, with the same official handling their account reaching to receive their calls in the friendliest of tones to solve their queries and problems.

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