Rain Or Shine, Your Payroll Will Always Be On Track

A US-based chemical, fibers and plastics company with 16 manufacturing sites in 10 countries was facing repeated issues in its payroll and attendance management system. The company noticed errors owing to an outdated software, which created more hassles in calculation of pay. The company's outsourcing partner who had been working for them for 4 years dropped off their small and medium accounts for larger headcounts.

Owing to the fact that the company's local factory employs only 100 staff, they were left high and dry during the financial year and unable to make proper payments.
The company roped in Propay Partners to give its rank and file a better HR and payroll experience.
Propay Partners instituted a fully-compatible Time Attendance System that was able to calculate overtime work schedules. We also made sure employees had access to pay slips online besides providing good customer care.
The client has been very happy with our performance ever since. We continue to support them in their venture throughout.
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