A firm that mostly operates its services virtually, the client is a flagship IR 4.0 organisation offering Big Data, Analytics and AI-powered technology services across ASEAN. Operative in Malaysia since 2015, the client is also one of the foremost centres in the region to deliver certified programmes for talents in data science, most notably the Harvard Business School’s Executive Program – Competing in Business Analytics and Big Data. The firm is also the first-ever collaborator with Data Incubator New York, to deliver Data Science Enablement in Malaysia.

The client is reputed for its continuous partnerships with large MNCs to drive data technology for future-proof businesses. A tech enabler itself, the company was looking for a self-sustained payroll system that it could adopt to support its team in Malaysia. Its initial payroll manager, a company secretary who doubled up as a payroll expert, was hardly any match for this next-gen innovation leader that had teams both in Malaysia and Singapore.


  • Plain Vanilla Payroll Services with Minimum Capabilities
  • No Cloud Support for Payroll System
  • Lack of Experienced Payroll Specialists to Match Scale of Business Growth
  • Needed a Millennial-Friendly, Technically Advanced Payroll System 

When Propay Partners was approached by the company in 2017, its payroll system was running at bare minimum capacity. It had no dependable features, no cloud accessibility or backing and was not in par with the company’s growth parameters. Though the client was a startup at the time, its operations quickly scaled over time except the progress of its payroll systems. Their plain vanilla features dimmed against the more user-centric and intelligence-driven payroll systems that were available in the market.

We helped this data analysis firm by elevating their payroll services to the kind of technology they themselves were offering. Highly automated, systematic, error-free and accessible across platforms, our payroll systems helped the company meet its growing workforce needs by placing employee self-services ahead of salary statements and tax filings. 

The company also subscribed to our Leaves and Claims solutions which helped them systemise workflow and capabilities on a daily basis. Our engagement helped the company’s HR team develop a more advanced approach to handling talents by delivering what mattered most to them. It also helped them meet compliance across regulatory turfs as the firm operated from two countries. 

Having approached us in late 2017, we were able to transform the client’s complete payroll system by early 2018. Today, the client constantly reaffirms how choosing us was the best decision they took internally. Their employees are happy to see their profiles on our self-service portal and simply amazed how simple, efficient and user-friendly our cloud services have been over the years.

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