One of the earliest companies to approach Propay Partners, this client is a multi-billion-dollar US-based chemical company with presence in 100 countries. The company’s branch in Malaysia is located in the East Coast and primarily engages a workforce operating from their manufacturing plant.
The company had approached a global payroll outsourcing company initially in the hope that the firm could streamline their HR requirements. However, the payroll outsourcing company abandoned the client citing low headcount. The client then started looking for a local payroll outsourcing partner specialised in dealing with MNC payroll and got in touch with us through an online enquiry.


  • Couldn’t manage time attendance for staff at their plant
  • Needed a payroll delivery model that supported their capacity
  • Absence of Employee Self Services along with payroll
  • Desperate need to address payroll issues of employees at manufacturing site

During our initial interactions with the client, we discovered that time and attendance was one of the client’s most pressing concerns owing to the fact that most of their staff worked at their manufacturing plant. They also wanted to merge their payroll data along with time and attendance which was an uphill task. Through us, they were introduced to a time and attendance partner so that their requirements were met.

We took over their payroll from day one, and later, when the company acquired another local chemical company, we ran their payroll solutions as well. By integrating payroll with a gamut of HR essentials, we made sure their employees had round-the-clock access to their leaves, payslips, claims, tax forms and personal data. Owing to the fact that the employees at their plant lacked access to a real HR manager, we doubled up as their gateway to accessible HR services.

Becoming a digital force in HR was the single-most thing that mattered for this company which was also located far from KL city. We helped the client retain their commitment to their employees much like how they were served internationally in other locations. Our automated payroll and HR solutions took a lot of the strain off the company management who would’ve otherwise had to manage queries and issues themselves.

We’ve been serving this client for almost a decade now and the collaboration has been just as strong as it was in the beginning. The company opted to move onto the online platform recently and they say their experience with Propay Partner’s Employee Self Service modules have been instrumental in so many ways.

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