Lifting the Load off the HR Team

A well-known global FMCG company was experiencing a business crisis as their Payroll Executive had quit with short notice. The departure of the Payroll Executive cause instability in their payroll and finance operations and they were looking for a reliable partner to fix it immediately.
When Propay Partners stepped in, we noticed that their payroll system was not reliable and up-to-date. The client wanted to have an e-payroll system which allowed its employees to view their salary details online and use various other self service tools.
Propay Partners was able to detect errors in the payroll format and highlight them to the client. We made sure all details were corrects and up-to-date. We put in place a cloud based payroll system. We also gave them an online platform which helped us quicken the payroll implementation period from 4 months to 2 months.
The company was pleased with our punctuality, dedication and accuracy. We also assured the client that salary payments would be taken care of in a timely and accurate manner.
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