The client, a frontrunner in food, beverage, household and body care products, was left in a payroll predicament during 2010. As an organisation that values its employees, the company was left stranded when its one and only HR and payroll executive exited office in short notice, leading to a payroll frenzy that impacted 300 employees in Malaysia, Singapore and other SEA regions. 

At the point, the company was divided between hiring a new payroll executive and outsourcing their payroll operations to a professional firm. They turned to Propay Partners when payroll glitches turned out to be a huge setback for their local and expat talents. As traditionalists, the company was used to having their payroll solutions managed internally and this unexpected bolt from the blue created panic and confusion.


  1. Need for immediate payroll assistance and reporting
  2. Absence of risk mitigation programme in payroll
  3. Absence of structured payroll operations in SEA
  4. Lack of comprehensive Employee Support for payroll


Post the departure of its payroll executive, Propay Partners adopted the company’s complete payroll data to its systems. The team at Propay Partners brought the client’s payroll up and running in practically just four weekends’ time, working non-stop and in full force. 

As a global FMCG manufacturer, time was limited as the client was already working full swing in the market. Getting their payroll ready in four weeks as opposed to the normal twelve week cycle was a big challenge; the other was to make it immune to payroll-related errors and system failures. By merging their payroll data with our secured e-HR cloud software, we were able to track and report all financial tasks in a time-bound manner. 

Propay Partners managed to activate the client’s payroll accurately and on time. Initially, we helped with the rollout of the company’s local offices and later was tasked to take over payroll across all their branches in South East Asia. The company has been operating under different headcounts and capacities and hasn’t experienced payroll glitches ever since.

One of the main takeaways for the client in this exercise was the tremendous risk it faced by entrusting the entire company’s payroll on a single employee. Being a crucial function, company payroll needs to be handled by an experienced professional firm that delivers salary and other benefits on time.


Ensuring payroll continuity despite the emergency was a huge breather for our client and their gratitude was infinite. As a highly streamlined organisation with branches in every continent, the client was immediate in handing over payroll responsibilities of their regional branches in SEA to us as a token of their unwavering trust.

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