The client, a company whose principal business is the manufacturing and sales of diesel trucks, buses, bus chassis and SPVs was looking for a payroll partner as one of their business units was getting restructured. The transition called for immediate compliance support so that work would not be stalled as a result. Being a commercial vehicles solutions provider in 60 countries, the company was willing to go all the way to discover smarter solutions for its workforce.

Being a logistics provider, most of their employees are constantly moving around, upping their need for mobile-based HR services for workers on-the-go. As innovators in their own domain, the client was looking for an equally efficient system to match their employees’ HR and payroll needs.


  • Employee data migration issues in short span of time
  • Complex payroll & ESS processes unsuitable for a startup
  • Inability to find a one-stop solution for their HR needs
  • Needed immediate outsourcing partner who could blend in


We understood the company’s need for an immediate HR solutions provider who could take over their workforce requirements from day one. We made sure their employees had access to manageable employee self-services that they could use from their dashboards as well as from their mobile apps. By auditing employee data in a matter of days, we were able to ensure smooth migration of their payroll and compliance information without having to interrupt the flow of HR processes. The company was happy that we were a reliable and trustworthy partner who handled their employee data with care and accuracy. 

By unifying their data under our cloud-backed software, we made sure information was sealed from any form of data theft or risk. With our team of experts, we got their payroll grounded and compliance ready in no time. The process was one of learning and co-operation, with both parties effectively communicating clear-cut project milestones.

The client is tremendously happy and satisfied at the way their payroll has been managed, even with the current crisis going on. Their main concern was managing payroll as they hit the ground running and we showed them how effortlessly it could be done.

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