Headquartered in Copenhagen, with a presence in San Francisco, Boston and Singapore, our Client is a world-leading life science investor with a focus on creating long-term value. Established in 199, they invest in life science companies at all stages of development and in a broad portfolio of equity and fixed income securities, as well as real assets (real estate and infrastructure).

New to Singapore without a team or any knowledge of Singapore’s payroll and compliance knowledge, their very first hire was their CEO, an expatriate from Hong Kong. However due to the recent travel restrictions, he was unable to relocate to Singapore. He was in Denmark HQ for several months for on boarding and did not have a Singapore Employment Pass. For first few months, we had to treat his payroll under the Hong Kong tax laws as he was a resident of Hong Kong, and this was something that we had never done before.


  1. Hire could not relocate to Singapore due to travel restrictions
  2. Hire did not have a Singapore Employment Pass
  3. Client needed an integrated HR system for time and attendance with login for roving employees

When the client approached us, they were earnestly waiting for their CEO to take up his role at the company. A lot of the decisions depended on him and the delay in taking charge was slowing other business operations at the company. They couldn’t solve immigration issues related to the country he was based in, so they were looking for an employee mobility solutions partner who knew about expatriate transition within the ASEAN.

With 20 years of experience in the employee mobility segment, Propay Partners has managed immigration and work permit requirements for several C-suite expatriates of MNCs based in the region. It helped us transition the client with complete statutory clearance in a matter of days. We made sure the CEO was able to travel to his destination without losing time and saw to it that he was inducted into our e-HR and payroll system once he arrived at his destination.

As the client had no support from the beginning, Propay Partners helped ensure their first hire went off without a hitch which also turned out to be a learning curve for our team. Our client was extremely happy with the way we managed the payroll Today, they are proud to be associated with us as we offer them turn round solutions at every juncture.

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