The client, an innovative healthcare, life science and performance materials company, has been based in Malaysia since 1989. It’s entry into the country was marked by a merger and the global MNC was looking at a payroll partner to take 200 of its employees under its care. 

New to the region and its statutory laws, the MNC needed a provider who could minimize risk and shoulder some of its administrative nightmares. The company knew that non-compliance would cost dearly right from the start. It also knew its employees, most of who are foreign specialists in science and technology, would be affected if workforce management doesn’t go well.


  • Lack of reliable payroll system and processes
  • New entity that has no idea of local regulation or taxes
  • Absence of tried and tested models to rely on
  • No time to focus on payroll, needed specialists to handle it

Being a global leader, we knew the client was looking for exceptional service. Their employees were hugely responsive and we knew our products and services would elicit instant feedback as well. As innovators, they had no time to worry over payroll or visas, so we made sure we tracked that for them in a systemized fashion. 

The company was also guarded from inaccuracies and lapses through exemplary audit reports and clean tax statements. We made sure our client succeeded in handling their employees’ requests through our automated self-services portal. 

Their HR department was a transforming team with new personnel joining every now and then. Our collaboration helped maintain payroll consistency and keep processes intact. The nimble features on our cloud systems helped employees rely less on their HR team, making the whole process a lot more efficient and trustworthy.

Propay Partners has been servicing this client for over a decade through all its payroll hiccups. The client has been really happy working with us and we’ve been their ultimate support through every tax filing season. By streamlining their payroll and effectively managing their employment mobility solutions, we have become their preferred outsourcing partner in Malaysia.

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