The client, a global commercial vehicles manufacturer, has been operating in the country since the 1980’s. The company opened its Malaysian arm in 1991 with core focus on sales of trucks and bus chassis, spare components and even ventured into maintenance services for commercial vehicles.  

The client also offers sale of genuine oil and parts to buyers all over the country. The client emphasizes on reducing downtimes during vehicle damage and also logistically sources spare parts requirements directly from Europe. Their workforce serves consumers who are on the go, trying to connect their business from one location to another.


  • Payroll managed by single personnel
  • Payroll run on premise/offline basis

The client connected with Propay Partners through a referee and instantly drew us into confidence with their payroll issues. The company had a workforce of around100 employees, most of who supported warehousing and logistical divisions. Their staff was always on the go as the client was into commercial vehicles like trucks and buses and it was difficult to find them at a single location at a certain time.

The HR Manager handling payroll and employee services was planning to resign, and unfortunately, was the only one in the know-how of payroll operations. The manager’s absence was a huge deterrent to smooth running of payroll. We made sure the client’s payroll information was streamlined according to our auditing standards and offered to take their payroll live by December 2020, the exact time the HR manager was slated to leave. 

It was an ambitious target to go live in such a short time, however we were determined to solve the client’s challenges. Fortunately, we have been running payroll for the automotive industry over a decade and have deep knowledge on the nuts and bolts of the industry.

Although they had signed-up with us in October 2020, which was the peak Covid season, we managed to virtually implement their payroll process. While two initial meetings happened face-to-face, the rest of the onboarding happened virtually. The client found it difficult to co-operate with our project implementation during the work-from-home phase but we rushed to meet them at their required timeline by working extra hours and weekends.

Our knowledge, dependability and credibility helped us win the client’s trust even at such a short timeframe. The CFO of the company is happy and grateful that we have provided end-to-end solutions for their staff, especially taking their payroll live on time. There have been zero complaints and loads of appreciation for taking up their payroll over such a critical period of time. Our timely interference ensured the client a risk-free payroll experience.

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