The client, a well-respected and award-winning fine dining restaurant with three chains in Malaysia, was owned and operated by an international hotel chain headquartered in the Far East. The restaurant is famed for its signature air-flown ingredients and world-class chefs who offer exquisite experiences through unparalleled service and commitment.

The restaurant came face-to-face with a crisis when their payroll outsourcing partner asked them to migrate to the new payroll and HR system which the latter had recently acquired. The client was reluctant to migrate and wanted to hang on its current system that was used by all its employees. Their hunt for a new partner ended with Propay Partners when they discovered that our payroll system was similar to the one they were operating on.


  1. High volume of payroll changes in shift patterns and staff rotation
  2. Payroll was structured on a points system for service rewards & commissions
  3. Ever-changing personnel movement within the company
  4. Sudden & spontaneous changes in payroll


Integrating into the client’s payroll system was probably one of the easiest for Propay Partners, as their system was similar to the one actively being used in our company. Migration happened almost seamlessly and with low risk, allowing us to take independent charge as quickly as possible. Change management and adaptability also fell wonderfully in line and we were quick to process their very first paycheck.

The restaurant business, being highly complex and spontaneous, demands instant changes in the assignment of payroll and employee-specific rewards. The industry is also run on a series of shifts and rotation, thereby throwing up the challenges of computing the exact number of work hours, extra pay, and even leave schedules. Our client was able to benefit from all these lines because of the attention and care we had been giving its employees.

Our company was able to take over their payroll system with minimum disruption and ensure their staff was complaint to overseas tax regulations as well. As most of their key workforce, especially the chefs, were hired from overseas, we made sure their stay in Malaysia was well within domestic labour laws. Their insurance, permits, and other necessities were also exhaustively handled by the company. 


Propay Partners has been serving this client for the last two years and during the time, the client has found us to be a reliable partner at all times. Venturing their business into Malaysia was a new experience for this restaurant chain and we have been successful in girding them from complicated payroll and tax-related mishaps that are a common threat to new business ventures in all foreign destinations. Even today, our client stays happy, relaxed, and faithfully reliant on our payroll expertise and competency.

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