The client, a cybersecurity company in the US well-known for its patented rating technology, had recently inducted the only personnel it had in Malaysia into their global team. The employee had been working previously as an independent contractor with the client for several years till they decided to bring the person concerned into their payroll. 

The employee, appointed as Country Manager in Malaysia, was a high-performing individual who had secured multiple contracts for the company. Due to the candidate’s high calibre and consistent performance, the company wanted to extend the best of benefits to the employee – both in terms of rewards and HR services. However, being located at the other end of the world, the client’s main problem lay in executing its HR agenda.


  1. No local HR support for its employee
  2. Absence of a system that would initiate & complete the onboarding process
  3. Lack of a streamlined payroll & compliance partner 

The client initially approached a UK-based employee mobility solutions company to host their single employee. However, the latter, being unsure of how compliance and payroll work in Malaysia, found us through our partners in ASEAN. Propay Partners was given the employee portfolio and asked to host the employee in the shortest time possible. 

The employee, a Malaysian citizen, was initially defensive, forcing us to make amends to the contract. The employee also demanded various benefits and compensation packages. Upon further investigation, we found out that the employee had a life-threatening disease and had used up the entire medical insurance on critical surgery. 

We also found out that the employee supported a child and remained particular about every single detail mentioned in the contract agreement. Upon knowing the situation, our team made sensitive interventions that were extremely flexible and accommodating for the employee. We also ensured the client offered full medical insurance to the employee, with coverage extending to the child as well.

Our team also kept in touch with the employee regularly to ensure all required HR needs were met. We managed to complete the onboarding and contract agreement in less than a month. Like all our clients, this single employee was also given access to all our Employee Self Services (ESS). We also made sure the employee was well-connected to the insurance company for medical emergencies. 

The employee, who was a little hesitant to deal with us in the beginning, is one of our biggest supporters today. As a high-performing individual, the employee was impressed with our efficiency and efforts at walking the extra mile to offer personalised attention, medical coverage, and most importantly, reliability. The client was also relieved as they found a partner in us who was able to take care of their employee’s entire HR needs like they would have.

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