Payroll services aren’t just about processing salaries every month. If your payroll provider is only committed to delivering the basics, then it’s time to explore options that strengthen your employee experience and help you process HR on the go.

Many organisations and their HR teams do not want to deal with payroll internally. Its time-consuming and complex nature makes a good case for outsourcing so that they can avoid inaccurate calculations, late paychecks and overlooked taxes. However, that’s not the only reason companies rely on payroll providers. There are plenty of companies that want to -

• Integrate payroll with human capital management needs
• Focus on compliance even as they explore new trade markets
• Aim for greater efficiency and employee satisfaction
• Plan to benefit from cloud-based services and its unique features
• Streamline financial reporting and offer an overview of workforce expenditure
• Get rid of paperwork and physical storage of files.

Switching your payroll provider to gain access to smarter and more efficient systems needs a planned and well-researched approach. For one, employee-data and pay history is sacred. The payroll outsourcing company you seek must be experienced and certified to handle your payroll needs. You need to ensure they contractually offer superior security features with each of their services and most importantly, make the transition as smooth as possible. After all, who wants a paycheck disruption!

While transferring employee history, companies have to make sure they list out all payroll recommendations, pay structures of all employees, applicable taxes apart from social security numbers. It’s also important to transfer a record of payments (payroll register) to your new provider. In the case of mid-year switches, it is important to communicate with both the outgoing provider as well as the new provider about year-end filings and upcoming audits.

Records must have previous and currently serving employees in their list so that your new payroll provider has complete information on your people and pay history. It’s also important to consider all contract vendors, supplementary workforce and their invoices before you start your contract.

Once you fix on the right provider, make sure you are aligned with them on all your needs. You can also choose the time of switch – beginning or mid-year – and transfer your employee pay history based on that. You will also need to get a detailed lowdown on costs and charges for services so that all your deliverables are met without delay. Finding a reputable payroll company that customises services for you will always yield the best results.

Our Payroll & Employee Mobility Services

At Propay Partners, we provide bespoke payroll and employee mobility solutions for global startups and multinationals operating in Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand. Our cloud-based payroll and human capital management services offer inter-company transfer, payroll switch from different providers and comprehensive payroll migration in just 12 weeks. We help businesses replace outdated payroll systems with user profiles on cloud accessible both on mobile and desktop.

Our software is designed to instantly sync HR data along with payroll, ensuring seamless employee profile management. Apart from sending out staff-turnover reports, achieving full statutory compliance and integrating leaves and claims electronically, we also process multi-currency payroll upon request.
Our time and attendance services coupled with daily system monitoring services are built to reactivate automatically during a login failure or system crash.

Users can also benefit from the Employee Self Update System with necessary HR approval and gain access to their data anytime. Our services also encompass group payroll reports, payroll audits and also help regulate employee leaves when multiple employees decide to go off work on the same day. Users are also notified of their payroll and HR data through our mobile and email alerts.

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