A couple of years ago Propay Partners was approached by a global cyber security company that manages security monitoring, detection and response, cloud-hosted email, and risk services. They had been in the business of effectively responding to online threats since 1997. Headquartered in the US, the company employs top notch engineering and cyber security expertise to counter risks in companies in the small to mid-sized sector.

Trouble started when the company was transitioning into an independent global entity from its former holding. At the very top of their agenda was the need for a comprehensive HR partner that would seamlessly take care of all its payroll and compliance needs. So urgent was its need for rollout that it reached out to Propay Partners to get the process started with a fast track launch requirements.

Propay Partners enhanced the company’s end-to-end payroll solutions requirements by streamlining their payroll and compliance data under a unified cloud-backed software. Our expertise in handling international clients helped us vet their complicated employee data and align them with the latest labour regulatory norms in no time. The company’s transition took place on January 1st 2020 and Propay Partners was tasked to take their payroll live in four weeks’ time, a good two months ahead of the usual rollout period. The project demanded critical attention and came with high risks and a really tight deadline.

The complex nature of the project forced us to deploy some of our senior executives who made sure project reviews were carried out every week and the project was operative within the specified date. With the client’s payroll data spread over different geographical locations, consolidating employee data was a challenge.

As promised, we were able to take the client’s payroll live by the required timeframe and fulfil all necessary obligations related to compliance, payroll, employee services and reporting. Once payroll was in place, we ensured the company had better control over its leave tracking and benefits claims. The process was one of learning and co-operation, with both parties effectively communicating clear cut project milestones.

Powered by our highly secure cloud-based e-HR system, we were able to provide top-grade data security to our client who was already in the business of risk alleviation & malware detection. The ease and availability of our managers and Employee Self Service systems offered the company more options and advantages in dealing with global workforce issues. We also helped reduce payroll-related costs for the company in its transformative phase.

Our client was extremely happy with the way we managed payroll rollouts within the desired timeframe. They were also happy that integration with a payroll firm happened from day one, a critical step in the start of their new journey. Today, they are proud to be associated with us as we offer them turn round solutions at every juncture.

To ensure payroll continuity in the face of crises, mergers and acquisitions, company site relocation or even employee transfer. Which means that no matter what is happening around you, business continuity will not be broken. Everyone knows that Payroll is the fundamental part of a business. An error could result in lack of trust with management and employees walking out. When it comes to payroll, there is little to no room for error.

An experienced payroll solutions outsourcing partner will come with vast experience having working with companies of different industries and sizes, which means your payroll will never be in jeopardy and you won’t have to waste time training new payroll employees. This will also allow your HR teams to focus on your company’s core business that drive performance and growth, thus boosting your bottom line and staying ahead of the competition.

Deciding on payroll outsourcing can be a big decision – cost-wise as well as talent management-wise. Before signing the dotted line, it’s always best to get a preview of the services, details of what the contract entails and a real-time experience of payroll delivery. 

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