One of the most important concerns while setting up operations in a foreign country is employee hiring. Every company’s human capital needs vary, quite like the requirements of the markets they are serving. While some countries need labour for a specific duration of the year, others are unsure how to go about it as they would be entering a new market for the first time.

It is only natural that company headquarters at this stage concern themselves only with putting their expansion strategy in place. To ensure that work happens according to plan, it is vital that hiring happens simultaneously with the launch. However, the one factor that makes recruitment a complicated process is that it is time-consuming and involves heaps of paperwork.

To expedite the process, many companies are known to cut corners during the recruitment phase, only to shoot themselves in the foot when compliance checks spring up later. In addition to supervising the recruitment process, companies also have to deal with administrative processes like keeping a tab on work days, attendance, invoicing, contract completion etc.

Choosing the Right Kind of Employee Hiring Solutions
There are two categories of outsourcing solutions you can choose from in case you are looking for recruitment assistance – a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) or an Umbrella company. A PEO helps companies act as their legal representative by ensuring registration and a complete onboarding process, which includes compliance checks, immigration requirements, employee mobility, employee stationing, subsistence, employment contract as well as exit formalities. An Umbrella company, on the other hand, helps businesses hire contract workforce in a particular country and pay them at the end of their contract.

Stepping In for You
For many companies and their subsidiaries, these requirements differ on a case-by-case basis. At Propay Partners, we double up as a PEO and an Umbrella company to optimise employee onboarding and payroll requirements according to clients’ needs. If a business is making a fresh entry into Malaysia and needs a legal entity in the country, we ensure that it is done within a timeframe of 30 days, exclusively handling the paperwork ourselves.

Employees, including senior leadership, are appointed through a well-laid out employee mobility programme that fulfils all immigration and relocation requirements. Employee taxes, deductions and filings are all taken care of without the client having to run from pillar to post while hiring overseas talents. Talents have access to all kinds of employee support during their employment cycle.

Services Offered

  • Mobility of overseas talents, their immigration paperwork, visas and renewal
  • Employment as per statutory regulation
  • Individual taxes, filing and returns
  • Insurance, SOCSO and other social security benefits
  • Onboarding support, employee & dependents’ welfare, departure procedure
  • Employment Contract and other legal formalities
  • Contract worker liaison
  • Payment and billing
  • Company registration in Malaysia
  • Payroll for employees hired by the company
  • Liaising between international HQ and team in Malaysia
  • Transferring internal employees from other countries to Malaysia

Knowing Your Requirements
Two decades in the payroll and employee mobility space in Malaysia puts Propay Partners at an advantage to help you decide what kind of employee hiring solutions may work best for your company. While some companies may prefer contract employees, some may want to hire international talents or transfer their own internal talents. With us, your processes will be smoother, cost-effective and on the dot.

Getting your business started in itself is a poignant decision involving every bit of energy and focus. Our employee hiring solutions involve minimal interruptions, and offer you the much-needed peace of mind to shift your focus to things that actually matter for your startup. 

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