As organizations experience transformation, so do their employee capability pools and staffing requirements. A given employee in any organization may have multiple capabilities to his advantage such as technical, functional, management and leadership. Further to this, there are various non-core organizational capabilities that are defining a new pool of workforce that is pronouncing an end to static employment. 

Unlike previous generations where employment with an organization lasted almost a lifetime, the modern talent is looking at contributing to only specific assignments posted by organizations. This new wave of employment (the gig economy) focuses more on short-term engagement with desired employers who are, in turn, hunting for specific skills. 

With hierarchies diminishing and job skills overtaking the organizational pyramid, the gig economy presents itself as an opportunity to both candidate and company, rather than the usual urgency of filling a vacancy. 

In the past few years, companies that cater to this burgeoning on-demand economy include the likes of Amazon Flex, Bellhops, Closet Collective, Uber, Airbnb, CrowdFlower and a plenty others, firing up competition from a diverse talent pool that works only through speed, connectivity and agility. 

The shift from fixed jobs to flexible jobs has been an ongoing process over the years. Employees are no longer satisfied with fixed job descriptions that promise minimum mobility and no opportunity. The need to craft jobs according to one’s wishes, needs, skill and timing is a pressing requirement of the century we live in. 

For the Millennial talent, finding that value fit in an organization is imperative. That said, it should also give them the chance to be their own leader and define their career path single-handedly. Disruptive practices and innovative projects are also a part of this choice, making the gig economy one of the hottest industry trends today. 

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