Spearheading the creation of a company’s workforce, HR professionals are essentially the people that keep the wheels of a corporation turning. They are tasked with key administrative processes like managing benefits, payroll and building company culture while keeping employees engaged. 

While most HR teams recognise the importance of adding strategic value to their businesses, the time-consuming nature of HR administration is often a major barrier. Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of administrative tasks that is required to keep a corporation running, it seems almost impossible for HR teams to add any significant contribution to the company. 

How then can you automate your workflow? Simple! Just look into the minute details of challenges and solutions. 

Let’s take a look at the hiring process. Applications are submitted where they are then printed and handed over to the hiring manager, who then weens through them and hands over the best candidates to the Department head for approval. Interviews are then scheduled and offers made. 

This process alone can take hours; if not days to complete, which just adds on to more frustration if the job at hand demands urgent hiring. This then could lead to frustration on the candidate’s part, as companies seeking to urgently hire tend to do mass interview sessions which leads to time taken and wasted on both ends. 

Digitizing these processes can save your organization and new employees a lot of time. Online forms are not only easier to complete but easier to manage. 

Onboarding is another major task that can be automated. With an online onboarding workflow, team members can be automatically notified when candidates complete the necessary paperwork. They can easily access documents in an online system and review and approve from their computers or mobile devices. The automated workflow tool can also be connected to other technologies to further streamline the process and eliminate manual tasks. 

As an HR manager, you can save time and improve compliance by having a centralised HR system that tracks all employee records and reports anomalies to you. This includes basic personnel records, work permits and key employment terms like contracts, benefits, and so on. Automating this process still gives you access to any information you may need but removes the hassle of correlating and filing records. 

The usually mundane payroll process can be sped up through automated features. Compared to the manual payroll processing, an effective payroll solution can minimize the margins of human error. An automated system can always pay your employees on time and to the parameters you set. 

Persisting with heavily manual HR processes has implications right across the business. Frustrating and time-consuming for HR, it also introduces risks, with staff likely to become annoyed by hold-ups in certain processes. 

Automating some of these processes and centralising your data can quickly lift the administrative burden on everyone and produce a more productive working environment. Most importantly, it will give your team the breathing space they need to start playing a more proactive role in improving your business performance.

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