Businesses are facing an unsteady wave of immobilisation over Covid-19, the global outbreak of which is rapidly impacting employees, bottom lines and consumer charts. Nations, industries and healthcare professionals are grappling to contain the situation that has thrust everything into its black hole. Despite pre-emptive measures, a deep uncertainty hangs over the economic status quo, raising several questions on business resilience.

Growing concern over the pandemic has pushed many corporations to go into chaotic overdrive, forcing them to either down shutters or employ a poorly-planned contingency directive lacking in specifics. Haphazard decision-making during times of crisis is proving to be the ultimate nail on the coffin rather than proactive measures that could actually help companies oil their wheels for current and future business continuity.

In times like this, payroll and compliance is often the last on the checklist of essentials; functions like customer servicing, product development and delivery taking precedence in the order of ‘importance’. It’s only until the due date that corporations wake up to bottlenecks in compliance management and wonder how payroll can be issued when the only person in charge of it is either retrenched or working from home.

Situations like these are a common sight even in the most sophisticated organisations where HR is usually a small team of administrative experts taking care of a workforce whose number surpasses several hundreds. The current situation has seen many companies short-staffing their teams, forcing HR personnel to function as all-in-ones: payroll officers, tax advisors, claims specialists, training experts and crisis managers.

It’s a rare case when companies come forward themselves to invest in resilience plans, especially ones that streamline their compliance processes and take care of their employees. In anticipation of the upcoming downturn, companies are hiring more remote and contingent staff to support their businesses during the lockdown phase to mitigate unwarranted overheads. In the midst of all this, the advantages of hiring professional experts who are used to operating in contingencies such as these go unnoticed.

Over the last two decades, Propay Partners has closely worked with several global clients across all industries during short-term and long-term exigencies. When businesses switch to emergency mode, there can be all kinds of extra-budgetary and medicare payouts that can come straight out of the blue. Payments, benefits and work hours aside, we understand the need for payroll to stay within compliance peripherals.

Our company handles payroll complexities with accredited systems and secured software that can be operated synchronously even as our teams work remotely. As highly-experienced compliance professionals, the team at Propay Partners enables companies, especially global firms, to stay within domestic regulatory limits even when misinformation rules the day.

By setting up interim measures and proper employee management regulations in place, we help companies with strategic payroll-related policies and ensure employee welfare at all times. People have been affected by sweeping movement restriction orders in all parts of the globe so that work that happens from home can be tracked online and computed accordingly, rain or shine.

The disease also brings with it casualties and confinement care to many of those affected. Leave allowance for employees and other quarantine solutions are also taken care of by our teams and don’t require prior mention. As the deadly pandemic rages on, we understand every individual’s need to be paid on time in order to buy medication, support families and put food on the table at the end of the day.

As payroll and compliance specialists managing global ventures, Propay Partners is well trained at handling payroll management during emergency situations. We urge companies to invest in business resilience plans in payroll and compliance as an important step to avoid critical mishaps later on.

Outsourcing is an efficient and dependable way to ensure that professionals handle your pay and employee welfare according to government-prescribed formats. To allow your company to breathe financially well even after this pandemic, you need to plan, invest and outsource the most critical function that defines the wellbeing of your own organization: your payroll.

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