This is a question many businesses have been grappling with of late. More often than not, this question will go unanswered till it is too late and their payroll has reached a crisis stage. By the time they have made the decision to audit their payroll processes HR is probably already pulling their hair out by this point and quite likely thinking about throwing in the towel.

In 2020, an international construction services company building complex projects across commercial, aviation, retail, healthcare and education segments was left high and dry when their HR officer (also the payroll manager) had suddenly quit his job. Up to this point they only had one personnel handling the entire workforce’s payroll. There was an absence of cutting-edge payroll delivery platform. They were also dealing with unreliable payroll support and engagement.

Recommendations from a happy client had steered meaningful conversations to a solid contractual obligation. That, and a five-star rating by our referee helped us gain a positive edge over regional payroll players. We ensured continuous engagement with the COO that placed a much-needed trust between us.

Within three months of the Propay Partners team stepping in and taking over the company’s human resources data, we were able to optimize their cloud payroll solutions and e-leave application process. They were happy that they no longer had to depend on in-house executives to deal with payroll issues and worry about salaries being credited on time. Their sole demand was carefree services and that was efficiently met.

Payroll is very often the one area that goes unchecked. As long as salaries are in every month, no one bats an eye at the on-going process. However, with the ever-changing landscapes that we operate in, it is essential that in order to remain both competitive and compliant, you have the right processes in place.

Benefits of a Payroll Detox

  1. You can assess on how your payroll can be managed in a better way.
  2. You are able to evaluate what your in-house payroll is costing your business and how else can you better channel these costs into growing your business.
  3. You will be able to analyse and determine payroll issues that are putting your business at risk.

Here’s how you can get a Payroll Compliance Check at Propay Partners:
  1. Get in touch with us.
  2. Fill up the Request for Information (RFI) document we send you & specify your current payroll issues.
  3. Once the RFI is submitted and the T&Cs are agreed to, we’ll run a 6-stage payroll improvement process for you.
  4. Depending on the size of your workforce and the payroll complexity, your payroll compliance check may take anywhere between 16 to 32 weeks.
  5. At the end, our team will submit a payroll proposal with action points to improve your payroll delivery or tax deduction.

Why Choose Us for Payroll Consulting?
Propay Partners has a 21-year history of helping global ventures manage end-to-end payroll, safeguarding them from payroll defects costing millions of ringgits every year. Our compliance solutions are based on lean practices backed by ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems for superior-quality customer service. With us, you can find a partner who is accredited, reliable and available 24X7.

To know more about our payroll services, visit us at to connect with our payroll experts directly and learn about the payroll innovation we are bringing to the payroll table.

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