HRBP reconfiguration has always been a continuous process with changing business dynamics and evolving technology. However, compared to most other functions in organizations, HR, so to say, has always been overlooked in its capabilities that make it a game changer in day-to-day business operations.

Today there are a multitude of companies that outsource HR processes in a bid to cut out administrative tasks off its routine. One would assume that their HR departments would then have the time and energy to focus on the more pressing issues but the situation is hardly so in many cases.

Companies that are aware of HR’s pivotal role in policy decisions and business strategies are welcoming ideas into the boardroom like never before. HR intervention in business strategy, people retention and agenda are being viewed as important as Finance and Operations. CEOs have understood the need for moving HR’s position from “planner” to one that drives the company’s market value and growth. This is a huge shift for many CHROs who have only been in their own cubicles let alone any C-suite meeting. Thankfully, the debut boardroom prep can get a lot easier with a bit of help from the company’s very own HR outsourcing firm.

While all people and policy decisions rest with the CHRO, there are a lot of advantages in having your preferred outsourcing partner being your go-to firm for consultative decision-making.

Apart from being your payroll experts, they are also your statutory advocates, HR analysts and data specialists. Your outsourcing company also mines a lion’s share of ‘employee policy info’ through employee experiences and feedback which it garners through personalized HR apps and software. In this sense, they can also be viewed as business advisors who operate from an external realm and do not directly dabble in your business decisions.

Outsourcing companies have their own unique ways in which they operate with companies. Those that have been around for decades have vast experience dealing with changing aspects of HR. This goes for technology too. At a time when HR work is becoming cumbersome due to excessive documentation, payroll procedures and complex compliance laws, outsourcing companies know that NOW is the time when HR is even more important for your business.

Propay Partners, for example, works with top Fortune 500 companies by empowering them to upskill their team for employee coaching, mentoring and building people-friendly HR tools. This, along with a fully-compliant statutory ledger, Propay Partners ensures that each of its clients gets complete peace of mind to focus on their core business. Over the years, this trust has lead clients to approach the company to restructure its entire HR in host domains, set up novel payroll procedures and take the lead when there’s an unforeseen exit in their HR departments.

Making HR heard in the boardroom to drive strategic and goal-oriented decisions is the main factor that can create a difference. No matter how many rabbits you pull out of the magic hat, there is nothing greater than people policy that can ultimately drive your business. The bottom line is always about how employees are cared for, what drives them, how they are compensated and how HR can be involved in their lives – whether its career enhancement, child support, wellness, or even, professional training.

Outsourcing companies who have this round-the-clock, at-the-tip-of-your-finger connection with employees can be the best agents to tell you how to maximize strategy and drive growth. If you look closely, it’s not about doing away with administrative tasks or mechanising payroll; it’s about delivering the best and focusing on outcomes. 

 And you can bank on your outsourcing partner to always take care of that.

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