Season’s Greetings from us at Propay Partners & activpayroll !

Time has kept its pace, and now, as we get together to ring in the new year with renewed hope and zeal, I am happy to bring forth news of this new phase of change, stronger partnership and enviable service delivery that comes anew with this acquisition.

For over two decades, Raj Kumar Paramanathan and I ran the company from its bootstrapped beginnings to the thriving global payroll solutions enterprise that it is today.

It was indeed a dream company born out of friendship, blood and sweat, and yet, as years rolled by, we’ve hit bottlenecks when it came to expansion, especially on fronts that demanded access to newer technology and processes.

Somehow, both of us were thoroughly convinced that creating tech capabilities needed a turbo charge and consolidating a partnership was the most viable solution at hand. For us, this was not a decision we made for ourselves or for the company. It was for our team – the people who helped build the company.

Many of our teammates have served long years with us and this next phase was uniquely designed just for them so that they could find more opportunities, explore their true potential and escalate up their personal career ladders.

Around the time we were thinking of a partnership, our long-time associate, activpayroll approached us with a similar plan in mind. Propay Partners is a desirable company in terms of cultural alignment and values right from the beginning thus, the shortlist was not a real surprise.

I’d say the acquisition was a result of the right combination of Chemistry, Physics with Maths between the entities. Chemistry – because we champion similar organisational culture, attention and respect for people. Physics – because activpayroll and Propay Partners had the similar science of working apart from products and processes. Maths – because Propay Partners is at the peak of it’s performance and 2022 marks as the best year of performance since the beginning. activpayroll has delivered significant year-on-year growth, growing revenues over the last year by an impressive 27%, with the Asia Pacific business proving to be a significant part of that success.

These best practices brought about a natural marriage, one that we hope will help the brand shine and grow in the years to come. activpayroll is among the most reliable partners the industry has given us and we believe the acquisition was the best way to condone a seamless and reliable process.

This acquisition has put us and you – as our client and partner – on a roadmap of success by offering the best picks in global payroll, mobility solutions and strength in leveraging our long time client relationships.

As you head into the New Year with hope and enthusiasm, we hope you will walk with us with greater faith.

Thank you from the beginning from 2001 all the way to 2022 & Cheers to new beginnings!

Best wishes,

Manish Mehta

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