This year marks the 17th year anniversary of Propay Partners. I remember when I first started 16 years ago with my partner Raj Kumar, very early on we came to an understanding that no matter how hard we have to work, there will be no compromise on integrity. This might not have always made us popular but 17 years later, we are sorely trusted by our clients with their private data.

How did we achieve this milestone? Simple!!! We kept on striving to stay relevant and to keep changing with the times.

As a leader, one of the key factors we took into consideration when hiring was to look at talents who are willing to learn. We employed talents that demonstrated to ability to learn and change with the times to advance their career thus advancing Propay along the way. To date, our management team tenure has been on average, over 10 years with the firm and continue to add value to the firm and the Clients. We believed in providing our team members access to relevant, up-to-date learning tools and self development.

Our focus has consistently been on innovation, developing new services or improvements to new or existing Clients, who are accustomed to the availability of new technologies. In order to stay relevant we had to think outside the box, to find ways to make our services relevant to Clients.

In order for use to have achieved sustainable success, we kept re-examining our sense of purpose. There was always a constant and consistent sense of focus, a strong personal engagement within our internal team members, our Clients & partners.

To continue growing as entrepreneurs, we had to proactively lead the business needed for each particular stage of growth. And since a company’s needs changes at each stage, we had to keep evolving at the right pace. That required introspection, self-awareness, and a keen sense of strategy–both in the short and long term. Our individual, interpersonal, and working lives were all interconnected. By being mindful, we understood those relationships and how best to utilize them to create, innovate, and lead.

However all this success would not have been possible without a team that worked hard to help elevate and bring Propay Partners to the rank that it is now. And with this clear vision, we shall continue to keep it clean and revolutionize for many, many years to come.

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