Ours is an age of collaborative work processes where businesses thrive on functional synergies, dynamic organizational models and mobile workplaces. Agility, in all senses, rules the roost when it comes to determining success in the corporate space. Agile workplaces, in turn, give rise to new kinds of engagement, which takes businesses to several offshore markets.

Employment mobility and agile work environments are mutually inclusive factors that are key to increasing productivity. For the millennial worker scouting for better workplace solutions, agility is more like empowerment in disguise. It is this empowerment that lets them explore options, take upon challenges, improve skills and set their own goals. 

An agile work environment will always be supportive of employment mobility – the opportunity that allows an employee internal mobility across the globe. It’s not uncommon to see companies moving their best people offshore to take upon new roles and expand business there. Such reliance comes from the firm faith associated with how well trained the employee is to withstand challenges and accomplish a turnaround.

Employment mobility poses great many challenges. The exposure to multiple cultures, new laws and ‘differently-thinking’ consumer mindsets can be a tough call for any employee, regardless of his/her experience or seniority. The ability to deal with such challenges comes from the company’s very own agile work-culture, which remains the same regardless of where it is based. That’s why the Google office based in Mountain View, California is no different than the ones based in Hong Kong & Jakarta. 

When new business entities in foreign locations become functional, glitches can mushroom overnight. It’s difficult to fill vacancies without ensuring they have the necessary skills. Global firms mobilize talents to plug skill gaps and enable transfer of technology. It’s interesting to see how many jobs are localized upon completion of turnkey projects. In fact, today, there is an increasing number of talents in Asia moving towards leading American and European firms. The reverse is already happening and it all boils down to ensuring that the best roles are taken up by the best people.

Awareness of their existing talent pool also enables companies to leverage the right skills for each job. Sometimes, international assignments require employees to work in distant places and take up roles different from their previous ones. A learning atmosphere with enough scope for experiment, risk-taking and strategic models can help agile talents grow in their new role. 

Managers also need to understand their responsibility towards nurturing an agile environment where employees can be at their performing best. Often mobility creates situations where on-the-spot interaction between managers and talents becomes impossible. In such cases, it is important to streamline the facilitation process, as this sets a key parameter for strategy implementation. From a leadership perspective, this can ensure continuous, efficient and positive interaction.

The ASEAN, with its beautiful mix of cultures and traditional business etiquette, can be a daunting prospective for any talent unused to its ways and means of doing business. For an employee moving from Europe or the Americas, culture adaptability is a crucial requirement. Knowing when to play soft and hard is key to gaining trust at ground level. A face-to-face interaction with business associates allows exchange of views and deeper conversations. It also rules out any assumptions or biases which might have been overlooked during digital interaction. 

Employment mobility is a must-have for organizations willing to retain top performers. An agile work environment redefines the way talents choose to work within the company. Talent mobility gives employees access to opportunities by allowing them to shape their skills and set their goals without any external compulsion. Whether it is space, skill or strategy, talents are looking for smart ecosystems that speak the language of change and adaptability, even if it means scouting for new pastures.

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