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Not all organisations run their payroll through cutting-edge payroll software. The absence of an integrated payroll system affects financial reporting, including the most-commonly overlooked fiasco – payroll error detection. If left unchecked, these payroll glitches can lead up to huge compliance liabilities in the future, affecting your workflow and credibility in the marketplace.

At Propay Partners, we can help you solve this problem.
What is Payroll Consulting?
Our payroll consulting services are designed for global enterprises looking to internally probe their payroll systems without actually signing a payroll outsourcing contract. In short, payroll consulting is a litmus test to check if your company’s payroll is in compliance with statutory regulations. Our teams investigate your payroll performance, tax deductions, manual entries and workload functionality. This way, you can get a broad scope of all payroll issues that need to be fixed for risk-free results.

Why Sign up for Payroll Consulting?
Through payroll consulting, you can get a payroll assessment done in a few weeks without having to sign up for a yearly outsourcing deal. If you do not have proprietary payroll software to manage your business, this would be a good opportunity to temporarily adopt tools, systems and best practices from the payroll industry. Payroll consulting also gives you several options on how best to run your business. You can automate payroll or have it on the cloud. You can also deliver it through mobile apps on employees’ phones to make HCM solutions more impactful and accessible. You can also ensure better controls over software tampering and payroll fraud.

What Type of Businesses Need Payroll Consulting?
Every kind and every size. But mostly these kinds:

  1. Global MNCs in Malaysia scaling fast and unable to invest in people and systems
  2. Companies undergoing M&A, as they need to harmonise processes between both or all entities
  3. Companies facing payroll compliance and audit concerns
  4. Companies with high attrition rates

Know More about our 6-Stage Payroll Improvement Consultancy

    Interim understanding of current system and process workflow; exploring business and identifying desired outcomes; developing high-level scoping

    Specify roles, responsibilities, timelines, objectives, deliverables; draw up discussion sessions and detailed requirements; determine processes to be improved; establish project charter

    Determine what and how to measure selected process; create current value stream mapping; consult Subject Matter Expert (SME); data collection; establish improvement strategy

    Audit of processes; identifying potential root causes; validate root causes; identify impact of root causes on key output; analyse the current value stream map

    Develop solutions and identify improvement options; create future value stream map; identify best options; pilot solutions; document results

    Establish inspection matrix; maintain the solution; document and spread the learning
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