At Propay Partners, we understand the importance in forging key partnerships and close collaborations with our partners as we endeavor to provide our clients with the best of Payroll & HR. Our partners have worked with us to deliver innovative & effective services and their support has been vital in delivering genuine added value to our clients.
Consulting Partners

Global Payroll Association

Propay Partners has been a member of Global Payroll Association (GPA) since 2018. GPA is a leading consortium of payroll professionals specialising in in-country and global payroll needs. GPA offers comprehensive training solutions in the form of online learning, payroll directories and resource collaboration. Their remote and intuitive learning platforms offer individualised or group training sessions that help practitioners stay ahead of the payroll innovations curve. gpalive, the company’s publication helps peers stay focused on topical developments on payroll from around the world. Headquartered in London since 2014, GPA provides unparalleled access to global suppliers in the expatriate management, HR software, payslip management and PEO solutions domain.

Global Payroll Management Institute

Founded in 2015, Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI) is a non-profit community of payroll leaders, practitioners, researchers, and technology experts from around the world. Propay Partners has been a member of GPMI since 2019. GPMI engages payroll professionals to unlock payroll guidelines by staying better connected and strategically aligned to take on payroll issues on a global scale. GPMI has a growing base of over 10,000 subscribers who connect through regular networking discussions and collaborative opportunities. The organisation is based in Washington DC.
Industrial Partner

AON Malaysia

AON, a leader in human resource consulting has a commanding presence in 120 countries with a global workforce of 50,000. In 2019, Propay Partners and AON Malaysia formed a collaboration focusing on the power of data & analytics. The partnership will assist Propay Partners to support organisation to measure, design, develop and design strategies to help achieve business results. Aon Malaysia’s extensive data and benchmarking capabilities can help gain a holistic understanding of how organisations compare with others in the market, enabling firms to make more informed decisions.
Global Payroll Partner


activpayroll is an award-winning global payroll and employee mobility solutions company that builds compliant payroll systems for global organisations. Propay Partners has been a global partner of activpayroll since 2014 deploying solutions in Malaysia and Thailand. Its Global Payroll services span over 140 countries with over 70-plus partners worldwide. activpayroll helps companies expand globally by meeting their employment tax challenges overseas. Their online human resource system, activ8, enables employees and managers to have access to customised tools for data collating, sharing and reporting.
European Chambers Partners

Eurocham Malaysia

The EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EUROCHAM) was formed in 1993 to bolster investor and trade relations between Europe and Malaysia. Propay Partners has been an active and contributing member of EUMCCI since 2016. EUMCCI integrates business expansion with opportunities so that Malaysian markets and European economies can be mutually explored. The alliance has more than 1,600 companies in its network and continues to connect traders, suppliers and manufacturers at great length.
Banking Partners


HSBC Group is part of one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations. Globally, the bank serves more than 40 million customers in sectors such as Wealth and Personal Banking, Commercial Banking, and Global Banking and Markets. Propay Partners collaborates with HSBC Bank Global Payment platform for multi-currency payment solutions and building trust accounts for all its regional clients.
Risk Management Partner


Founded in 1994 in London, Howden is one of the world’s leading independent insurance brokers. The firm currently has 130 specialists offering insurance, reinsurance, and employee benefits solutions to clients all over the country. Propay Partners works closely with Howden for risk management protection and employee benefit solutions, including subscribing to Group Medical Insurance, Workmen Compensation, Employer’s Liability, Comprehensive General Liability and Cybersecurity.
Investment Hub Partner


As Malaysia’s state-led investment and trade facilitator, InvestKL aims to establish the presence of leading tech hubs, innovation labs and regional businesses of Fortune 500s in Kuala Lumpur. Propay Partners works closely with InvestKL team to support global multinational firms streamline their payroll, compliance and employee mobility requirements in Malaysia.


The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is the government's principal agency for the promotion of the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia. Propay Partners collaborates with MIDA to support foreign direct investment in payroll compliance and employee mobility requirements in Malaysia.
Immigration Partner


MDEC was established in 1996 as the lead agency to implement the MSC Malaysia initiative. MDEC’s aspiration is to firmly establish Malaysia as the ‘Heart of Digital ASEAN’, a regional digital powerhouse launching global champions to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It does so by ensuring our digital economy will drive shared prosperity for all Malaysians. Propay Partners is a partner of MDEC and supports the digital economy framework apart from compliance on immigration-related requirements.
Technology Security & Risk Compliance Partner


Nexagate is one of Malaysia's leading IT security consulting and services provider. Propay Partners engages with Nexagate Group for technology security and risk compliance services to improve its cyber security processes and protect client data. Nexagate is Propay Partners’ compliance partner for Information Security Management System (ISMS): ISO 27001.
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