Join the company that is streering the future of Payroll Outsourcing.

Payroll is what we do, but People are our main calling. Our company tells the story of partnerships – each of our team members have an exclusive reason for sharing a journey with us, and over the years, we have cherished those partnerships to include them as our greatest strengths.

Our talents just don’t come to work here, they turn up to get inspired, learn more and seek opportunities so that they can define themselves in the way they want to. We promote an open environment where we recognise them first as people than just professionals.
At Propay Partners, we love building a dextrous workforce for the future. Nimble, digitally-driven and highly knowledge-oriented, we make careers work by empowering people and providing a comfortable environment where they can thrive and, at the same time, get to make wonderful friends.

We create options so that talents get to enjoy a good life and spend quality time with their families. Our People perks include special privileges like Employee Education Assistance, Children Education Assistance Programme, Emergency Financial Support and also a monthly ‘Me Time’ so that they can nurture themselves.
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