Bespoke Mobility Solutions

Our Employee Mobility Solutions are used by companies for dedicated project management roles, which enables improved service performance and offer increased levels of flexibility for clients.

As the legal employer of the project workforce, we manage the necessary hiring needs and on boarding of the team apart from the monthly compensation, benefits and statutory requirements, leaving you more time to focus on your core business.

It also helps in pulling off your venture in an external habitat under your trusted employees who understand your scope and vision much better than anyone else.
At Propay Partners, Employment Mobility Solutions form our key expertise. We fulfill tailored solutions for clients and their staff to ensure maximum support at their new base. Our employee mobility services help you right from on-boarding to permits, record maintenance, staff subsistence, medical emergencies, tax compliance and even exit formalities. We also handle pension requirements for employees, if necessary. 

Once the client confirms on an external assignment, we step in to handle all documentation requirements. At our associate offices in ASEAN, we handle all processes in the local language, giving us the advantage of understanding key government requirements. This helps us to skip irrelevant paperwork and focus only on compulsory filings for international employees.

Our team of chartered analysts, specialized in tax advisory, also takes care to assess the regulations binding international employee transfer. As the legal employer of all temporary and contract staff, we manage all statutory requirements so that your business remains compliant in all the countries you operate in.
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Mobility Solutions Checklist:


  • The Malaysian & Asian experience. Introduction to culture, city, landscape, climate and local language.
  • Office induction & orientation workshop
  • Employment contract & renewal
  • Online payroll & yearly salary sheet
  • Medical checks, insurance & claims
  • Work travel assistance
  • Tax compliance & other formalities
  • Visa for family
  • Expenses claim
  • Off-boarding & exit formalities
  • Monthly reports to Client
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