Professional Employer Organisation

A Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) or Employer on Record is a company that assists a global corporation to expand its operations in a particular country by acting as their legal business entity or employer. PEOs also help MNCs establish businesses by filing statutory declarations on their behalf, contracting manpower for the new venture, issuing payroll, following compliance and managing their legal operations in that country.

Stepping in For You
PEOs initialise operations by drawing up employment contracts with an external manpower solutions provider already approved by the client. As the administrative authority, PEOs make sure these contracts are drawn as per client requirement by defining scope, term of employment and work permits. PEOs ensure onboarding while also managing payroll delivery every month. They also aid employee insurance contributions, file taxes, returns and reimburse medical expenses on behalf of the client. 

Making Life Easier
Having a PEO shields you from making a heavy investment in a new country by automatically taking over your local administrative role. It also helps you gain access to a wider talent pool in an unfamiliar turf and relieves you of registration, paperwork, language barriers and unnecessary red tape. When a PEO steps in, you can be sure of accurate payroll delivery every month along with systematic financial reporting. They also make sure all invoices, payslips and employee benefits are adhered to without any glitches.

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